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Tired of bedtime battles or just generally tired? Whether it’s unsettled kids, work stress or health problems keeping you up, energydots can offer natural sleep aids for baby and you. Find deeper, more fulfilling sleep with our range of DOTs, and feel more energised in the daytime as a result. Take a look at our labelled bedroom to find out how you can best equip your sleeping space to improve sleep quality.

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Give the gift of better sleep

A better quality of sleep equals a better quality life, but not everyone is guaranteed a good night’s sleep. We’re donating 10% of proceeds to Centrepoint, the UK’s leading youth homelessness charity. For every 5 sleepDOTs sold, we can sponsor a room for a month, providing a young homeless person with better sleep.

Give the gift of better sleep

How do I use it?

We live in a constant digital era, which doesn’t sleep when we do. See our bedroom placement guide to discover the best products to improve your sleep quality at night time and boost your energy levels in the daytime.

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How do I use it?


My general health is quite good but I have noticed since wearing the BioDOT and using a smart DOT on my mobile that my sleeping is more settled. Frankly any positive help with EMF exposure has got to be good since we are surrounded by it. And just wearing a DOT or having one attached to your WiFi device is a great way to protect yourself at a reasonable price and without bulky equipment.


I really appreciated all the support and information given when I called the customer services. I definitely notice an improvement when sleeping with the sleep-mat under my pillow and I have the biodot on all my family’s electronic devices.

Fayenen Lathrenwen

Received my order for the sleep dot within 24 hours of placing it online!! It has been truly effective, so much so that I’ve been able to stop taking all other forms of sleep support like herbs and concentrated cherry juice. Would hundred percent recommend this to anyone who has trouble sleeping.