Space Pyramid


The Space Pyramid is a space harmoniser, designed to clear energetic disturbances other than those caused by the wireless radiation emitted from our much-loved devices. The Space Pyramid uses powerful resonant programming to interact with a specific space and reduce geopathic stress. With a spaceDOT at its centre, the angular glass faces and Seed of Life engraved design make the Space Pyramid both an object of beauty and functional.

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Every space has its own vibe, whether that’s negative, neutral or positive. Traditional systems like Feng Shui involve rearranging features and changing colour schemes to heal negative energy such as geopathic stress, which might cause poor sleep quality and difficulty relaxing.

The Space Pyramid works with a similar aim, using the process of entrainment to continuously radiate natural frequencies which uplift its environment. With a radius of approximately 90 metres, the Space Pyramid is perfect for a large space that needs rebalancing, from your home to your workplace.


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