Space Pyramid


The Space Pyramid is a space harmoniser, designed to clear energetic disturbances other than those caused by the wireless radiation emitted from our much-loved devices. The Space Pyramid uses powerful resonant programming to interact with a specific space and reduce geopathic stress. With a spaceDOT at its centre, the angular glass faces and Seed of Life engraved design make the Space Pyramid both an object of beauty and functional.


The Space Pyramid is a home or workspace harmoniser. Programmed with an intelligent mix of powerful resonant frequencies, Space Pyramid is designed to clear energetic disturbances in your space.

Every space has its own vibe, whether that’s negative, neutral or positive. Traditional systems like Feng Shui involve rearranging features and changing colour schemes to heal negative energy, which might cause poor sleep quality and difficulty relaxing. Space Pyramid works with a similar aim.

  • The Space Pyramid by energydots® is our solution to your spatial energy needs. At the core of the Space Pyramid is spaceDOT™, a low-powered magnet programmed with powerful resonant frequencies which are designed to uplift its environment.
  • Designed to clear energetic disturbances other than those caused by EMFs. spaceDOT™ works to harmonise geopathic, historical, architectural or emotional disturbances.
  • Based on the Great Pyramid of Giza, The Space Pyramid was designed to be functional but also to be a thing of great beauty. With its angular glass faces and the embossed seed of life design, when caught in sunlight, the solid glass pyramid bounces and reflects stunning light patterns around your space.
  • The spaceDOT™ at the core of Space Pyramid will retain it’s programming signature indefinitely and as such does not need replacing.
  • With a radius of approximately 90 metres (45 metres each side from the centre point), Space Pyramid is perfect for any space that you feel needs rebalancing, from your home to your workplace.
  • Energy harmonisation doesn’t have to dampen your vibe. Space Pyramid‘s sleek and stylish design means its a welcome addition to your feng-shui setup.
  • Designed and programmed in the United Kingdom.

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Technical Sepcifications

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My home feels cleansed of negative energy

I have found the energydots to be incredibly healing for the mind and body. Having only recently researched them; I can fully recommend the benefits listed. I invested in the Spacepyramid which does not only have a fantastic aesthetic look but instantly changed the energy of my home. My home feels cleansed of negative energy which has boosted us all in many ways. This was not only felt by me, but by friends who have visited.


Great company, excellent products

Great company, excellent products. The pyramid is beautiful and very powerful.

Anna B

Really helped to improve my energy levels, sleep and feelings of wellbeing

I have been very pleasantly surprised by energydots and they have really helped to improve my energy levels, sleep and feelings of wellbeing… I decided to buy an energydots pyramid and a biotag, quite soon I noticed improved perception and a reduction in brain fog. I also now look forward to sleeping as I know I’m (so far) going to get deep restorative sleep.


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