smartDOT – Single pack


While we are strong advocates of the digital detox, it’s not always easy to switch off. That’s why we’ve created EMF protection device, smartDOT, which is programmed to retune the potentially harmful electromagnetic frequencies. This in turn helps us to feel more energised, better focussed and less stressed. Using the adhesive, attach a smartDOT to a wireless device to retune wireless radiation directly at its source.


In our always-on wireless world, we seem to be increasingly wired. Wireless radiation is emitted from all our favourite devices, from smartphones, tablets and laptops to Wi-Fi routers, baby monitors and games consoles. Levels are 100 million times higher than 50 years ago.

smartDOT is a precaution from the health effects linked to electromagnetic frequencies, such as infertility, cancer and Alzheimers. Using the scientific process of entrainment, smartDOT provides proven EMF protection and has been tested with medical thermal imaging and blood microscopies.



I would highly recommend the Smart Dots which definitely reduce the effects of using any device, ie no headaches, no reduced energy levels felt and they have been tested with an EMF reader which indicates a reduced level of radiation exposure with a Smart Dot. With the coming of 5G I think it is important to protect ourselves!

Marina Woolman

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