Premium well-being toolkit – Two people

£415.00 £332.00

For the ultimate energy boost, we’ve put together a premium toolkit of our full range which is perfect for two people. Each DOT holds a different frequency and is working to do something slightly different.  While smartDOT and bioDOT offer protection from the harmful effects of wireless radiation, aquaDOT and spaceDOT harmonise the things around us and support positive energy in our day-to-day lives. Combined, enjoy more energy in the day and deeper sleep in the evening.


Premium EMF protection toolkit for two includes:

  • smartDOT – five pack x1
  • bioDOT/smartDOT starter pack x2 (please specify CLIP, TAG, BAND or DOT)
  • sleepMAT x2 (please specify colour: blue, green, gold, silver, purple, pink)
  • aquaDOT – double pack x1
  • Space Pyramid



I always feel better in the presence of these healing tools

I am lucky enough to have the majority of the product range and find they all have discernible benefits. I’m sensitive to energies both good and bad. I always feel better in the presence of these healing tools or devices such as mobile phones protected by them. Highly recommended you give these a try

Mark Eccles

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