bioDOT + smartDOT


Our constant exposure to wireless devices means more and more are experiencing electro-stress, which can manifest as headaches, tiredness and lack of motivation. To combat this, we’ve created bioDOT – a natural energy booster. bioDOT emits natural frequencies that reduce the disturbances caused by wireless radiation, resulting in improved energy, concentration and performance along with reduced headaches, stress and low mood.



The bioDOT and smartDOT combination is the perfect introduction to EMF protection. Kickstart your wellness programming by using them every day, which together bring increased focus, creativity and performance.

Programmed differently, smartDOT acts as a filter to retune wireless radiation directly at its source while bioDOT releases natural frequencies to support the body’s biofield. smartDOT should be attached to a wireless device, such as a Wi-Fi router, mobile phone or tablet, whereas bioDOT should be attached to something you wear, for example the back of a watch.



I have a had a positive experience from wearing my bioBAND both during competitions and at rest. My personal findings are increased strength, concentration, focus and improved recovery.

Shaun Parkin, Taekwondo Medallist and Instructor

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