Frequently asked questions

No question is a silly question! Here at energydots, we get a lot of questions, so we’ve gathered our most-asked in this space. If we’ve not covered what you need to know, just ask. Fill out the form on the contact page, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

What are the benefits?

We have been helping people for nearly ten years.   Over this time customers have repeatedly reported experiencing better sleep, greater concentration, a sense of calm and increased energy levels.  Please look at our customer reviews on trustpilot to see for yourself.  We are here to help so if you have questions please just call us on 01803 665626.

Why is energy important?

Einstein’s famous equation E=mc² states that all matter is actually energy.  Our bodies pick up on the energy we are surrounded by.  For good physical health, we must consider the energy we are exposed to.

What is electro-stress?

Electro-stress, also labelled as electro-sensitivity, refers to the negative interference of EMFs (emitted by wireless electronic devices) on our bodies. Signs of electro-stress include headaches, concentration disorders, insomnia, mood swings, low energy, anxiety, stress, depression and unaccountable aches and pains.

Where is the scientific research?

There are a series of scientific and government papers which consider the health effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted from Wi-Fi routers, mobile phones and more. In 2011, these were further brought to light when the World Health Organisation listed EMFs as a class 2b carcinogen, amongst the likes of lead and asbestos.

Our double blind placebo controlled research, including medical thermal imaging and blood microscopy is available here. These independent studies confirm that EMFs physically affect our body in an unnatural way and indicate how energydots undo this process.

How can a sticker possibly make a difference? How do the DOTs work?

All our DOTs are low-grade magnets which are programmed with a specific, coherent, naturally-occurring frequency, working similarly to the magnetic strip on a bank card. Magnets are a great storage device for our frequency programming, since they are self-powering and emit their own energy field, so do not need a separate power source.

Each DOT holds a different frequency and is working to do something slightly different.  While smartDOT, bioDOT and petDOT aim to protect us and our furry friends from the harmful effects of wireless radiation, emitted from all our favourite devices, aquaDOT and spaceDOT harmonise the things around us.

Where do I begin?

Begin with yourself.  Kickstart  your wellness programming by wearing a bioDOT every day. bioDOT’s vibrations retune your energy field, recharging your battery so you feel calmer, more focused and more energised. A bioDOT can be purchased alongside a smartDOT, which together, bring increased focus, creativity and performance.

How soon will I notice a difference?

The extent to which you feel a noticeable difference depends on your personal sensitivity to EMFs. It can take time for your body to adjust to the effects of energydots. Some customers notice a difference straight away as they may be particularly sensitive, whilst some take a few weeks to notice the benefits.

This is when our customers tend to feedback feeling more energetic, with better concentration and relief from EMF-related stress or tension. Read our reviews to find out about the differences made to our customers.

What is the difference between smartDOT and bioDOT?

smartDOT and bioDOT are programmed differently. smartDOT acts as a filter, using the process of entrainment to retune wireless radiation directly at its source so it is no longer harmful for the human body to absorb. smartDOT should be attached to a wireless device, such as a Wi-Fi router, mobile phone, baby monitor, tablet or games consoles.  However, bioDOT products such as bioBAND should be worn or attached to something you would wear, since they release natural frequencies which support the body’s biofield.

Which DOTs can help my children with the health effects of Wi-Fi and 4G?

Ideally your children should have a bioDOT product, such as the bioBAND, on them at all times. This will work to strengthen their biofield and protect them from ambient Wi-Fi, 4G and 5G emitted by any wireless devices near them. Preferably you should place a smartDOTs on any wireless devices that they use or are around, which will specifically retune the radiation emitted from the device directly at its source.

Is it true that radiation shields interfere with phone signals, making phones work harder and meaning they actually emit more EMFs?

Our products do not shield the radiation, but instead retune or harmonise the emissions to a more natural coherent frequency, meaning the body does not have to react to be around them. Therefore as the signal is still emitting, it will not have to work harder and therefore will not emit more EMF’s.

Are the DOTs waterproof?

All the DOTs are waterproof but not necessarily what they are affixed to. While the bioBAND is fully waterproof and can be worn when showering, swimming etc, the bioTAG and bioCLIP for example may tarnish so we wouldn’t recommend getting them wet.

How long do the DOTs last and when do they need replacing?

All of energydots products last indefinitely so there is no need to replace or upgrade.

Where on a device should I stick a smartDOT?

A smartDOT can go anywhere on your device but does not need to be stuck onto it to function. On a mobile phone, we’d recommend placing it centrally on the back of the phone or inside the phone case, so long as it is secure to prevent it from loss.

Can I move a smartDOT from one phone to another?

The adhesive of smartDOT is particularly strong, so if you need to move it from one device to another, for example if you upgrade your phone, we’d recommend you do this only once to avoid damaging it. If you have a phone or tablet case, simply slot the smartDOT in the back rather than removing the adhesive sticker – this way you can transfer it from device to device.

Will washing my water bottle or pet bowl affect the stickiness of aquaDOT?

The adhesive of aquaDOT is equally very strong so will survive constant hand washes. However, we wouldn’t recommend dishwashing products which have the aquaDOT attached as it may not  last as long.

Where is the best place to place a Space Pyramid? Does it need to be centered in a room or is it just as effective when placed beside a wall?

The Space Pyramid works up to 90 metres squared, so effectively 45 metres in all directions from centre point. It will work through walls so we’d recommend positioning as centrally as possible within the home.

Will the Space Pyramid protect me from the effects of Wi-Fi and 4G?

The Space Pyramid is designed to retune energetic disturbances other than those caused by our much-loved devices and Wi-Fi. It helps to tackle disturbances such as geopathic, historical, architectural or emotional stress but will not help with EMF stress. To help alleviate the health effects of EMFs, we recommend the use of bioDOT and smartDOT.