Energydots are well-being products for you to wear and place around the home. Studies show stress reducing, energising & relaxing effects.

In our always-on wireless world, we seem to be increasingly wired. Take a mindful approach to tech with smartDOT, which harmonises EMF directly at source.

What if we charged ourselves as often as our devices? Recharge your own batteries with bioDOT, the personal DOT for you to wear.

Sleep is a powerful tool, influencing physical and mental health. sleepDOT is a natural sleep aid which supports better sleep.

Every space has its own vibe, whether that’s negative, positive or neutral. Surround yourself with positive energy using spaceDOT, bringing the sunshine inside.

Water is the most important thing we consume, but water can become imprinted with distorted frequencies. aquaDOT harmonises your H20, restoring its natural vitality.

Like us, animals can be highly sensitive to the energy around them. Support and nurture your four-legged friends with petDOT.

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The magnetic structure of DOTs is digitally programmed with an intelligent combination of natural fields designed to support your wellbeing.  Our six top tips help you decide where to begin or click the discover more button to understand how they work. 

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We love to hear from you. Here you will find real video reviews from real people. Our customers report better sleep, greater concentration, fewer headaches and a relief from stress or tension to name a few.

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